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On climate science, the New York Times blows it

Bret Stephens is a right-wing journalist and climate-science denier who spent most of his career writing for the Wall Street Journal. He was hired as an opinion writer by the New York Times in early 2017, and wrote his first … Continue reading

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Medical use of marijuana revisited

I described two experimental studies of the use of marijuana to reduce pain in Tools for Critical Thinking in Biology and discussed two technical reviews of the medical value of marijuana in a subsequent blog posting. The gist of these … Continue reading

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Storytelling in science: What can we learn about critical thinking from stories about mountain lions and sea otters?

Tools for Critical Thinking in Biology is a book of stories about doing science. Most of these stories are incomplete because science is a work in progress, therefore one of my great pleasures is learning about new research that extends … Continue reading

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Careful readers are a writer’s best friends

Writing for publication entails many drafts and many reviews of these drafts by friends, colleagues, copyeditors, and critics. The credibility of science depends on peer review, as explained by Frederick Grinnell in The Everyday Practice of Science and by me … Continue reading

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