Why blog about critical thinking in biology?

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Monarch butterfly wearing an ID (photo by Jim Gagnon)

Oxford University Press published my book, Tools for Critical Thinking in Biology, in April 2015. I wrote this book because 37 years of teaching biology at the University of Nevada, Reno taught me that the most important thing for students to learn is how to think critically about ideas and evidence. To become thoughtful and well-informed citizens, students need to learn how to evaluate evidence from observations, comparisons and correlations, experiments, and even models. They need to learn how to make decisions based on the weight of disparate forms of evidence. I use engaging, contemporary examples to illustrate these and other tools of critical thinking. For several of these examples, researchers have already published new findings that extend the discussion in my book. New work in the months and years to come will undoubtedly overturn some of my conclusions. I’ll use this blog to call attention to these developments so readers can use my book as a foundation for understanding new research and for continuing to hone their critical thinking skills.

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  1. Lou Christensen says:

    This should be interesting. Looking forward to what develops.

  2. Smithe690 says:

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